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Digital Welding Systems, Inc. is the single source for your orbital welding and cutting equipment needs.

Solely dedicated to supporting the specialized field of orbital tube and pipe welding, DWS has supplied equipment, tools, accessories, supplies and services essential to orbital welding operations since 1986.

DWS rents the most durable and widely used line of precision cold-cutting and end-prepping machines for tube and pipe in preparation for welding.

The machines provide quality fit-up and alignment for consistent and repeatable weld results.

Looking to rent orbital welding equipment? DWS has the best-maintained orbital tube welding rental fleet. 1/4" through 6" capabilities.

Offering the most advanced equipment, Digital Welding Systems actively serves a variety of industries and applications:

    • Semiconductor, High-Purity, Biotech, Pharma
    • Sanitary, Process, Food, Diary, Beverage, Winery, Brewery
    • Industrial, Power, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Shipyard
    • Aerospace
    • CSP Solar Receiver Tube (HCE) Joining


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