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Orbital Tube and Pipe Cutting Saws

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for Weekly or Monthly Rental


  • DWS rents the most durable and widely used line of precision cold-cutting and end-prepping machines for tube and pipe in preparation for welding

  • Provide quality fit-up and alignment for consistent repeatable weld results

  • Available from DWS for rental on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Phone us toll-free at 888-960-0232
    for application assistance and to request a rental quote
  • Looking to rent orbital welding equipment? DWS has the best-maintained orbital tube welding rental fleet. 1/4" through 6" capabilities.

RA Series
Tube and Pipe Cut-Off Machine

Cuts fast, with simultaneous or separate cutting, for improved cutting quality, improved fitting for welding, and increased service life for tools. Ideal for high-purity applications.

  • Square, burr-free, deformation-free pipe end
  • Cold-cutting process
  • 1/4" to 12" models
  • Cuts square to within .005"
  • Not available in 220, 230, 240 v., sorry


RPG 4.5 Tube Squaring Tool

Provides machine-quality weld preps, resulting in faster tool changes and reduced tool costs. Extremely durable, with advanced, innovative tool design.

  • Burr-free, guaranteed square
  • Chips curl outward, keeping interior scratch-free
  • Short tangent collets
  • Quick grip-release handle
  • Variable speed motor drive
  • Both electric and cordless models available


GF Orbital Tube & Pipe Cut-Off Saw Blades

For use with tube and pipe cut-off saws. Ideal for cutting stainless steel and other alloys.

  • Broad selection of blades for most applications
  • Sizes from thin-wall tubing (.035") to heavy-wall tubing (.400")
  • Cut square to within .005"
Part numbers and OD info
GF Spare Parts
Hard-to-find spare parts for original RA Series +GF+ Georg Fischer brand saws.