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Digital Welding Systems offers the FM Series of tube prep tools, which range from 1/4" to 6." Tools are clean room compatible, designed for high-purity and aerospace use.

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FM 25 -- 1/4" to 1.00" O.D.

FM 25 Tube Prep Tool


FM 25 Tube Prep

Ahead of the competition in design, quality and price

Battery or electric powered



FM 63 -- 3/4" to 2.00" O.D.

FM 63

Comes with two-sided insert cutter bits and interchangable collet sizes

Precise feed rate

FM 63 Tube Prep

Ideal for pharmaceutical and semi-conductor work

Solid-state regulated speed and torque control


FM 168 -- 1.00" to 6.00" O.D

FM 168

For larger sizes tube and pipe

FM 168



FM 114 -- 1.00" to 4.00" Video Demo